Emblem and Colours

Patriot ~ One who supports and defends his or her homeland

Audacia, Callidus, Fortist ~ Daring, Cunning, Steadfast

Oppugnator Audaciassimus ~ In Attack Most Daring

Defensor Callidissimus ~ In Defence Most Cunning

Perfector Fortissimos ~ In Endurance Most Steadfast

On Thursday 30th of November 2000 at a Public Information Evening the new Playford City Soccer Club Launched its colours, Patrons and Logo. The logo represents the patriotism of the northern area. The shield bears the Southern Cross and is guarded either side by red Kangaroos. Above the shield is a crown which represents the City of Elizabeth named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. The visual representation of the missile represents the close proximity to RAAF Base Edinburgh.

The enthusiastic crowd gave the clubs colours white and maroon the seal of approval. White the colour of integrity and fidelity. Maroon the colour of patriotism also reflects the wine and horticultural industry of the northern area. Steel blue has been incorporated into the logo and represents local manufacturing industries and our close proximity to RAAF Base Edinburgh and DSTO.

The Playford Patriot patrons are Johnny Warren MBE (deceased) and Dr Eric Bouffet MD.


Pantone 8840 C –  Maroon

RGB 134 42 60


CMYK values not available

Pantone 5405 CP – Steel Blue

RGB 72 109 135


CMYK 68 35 17 40